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Åldersgräns 18 år när ni handlar.

Renaissance Rapier handsmidd 1700 talat
Rapier Sword
ArtNr: BA-40500
 1675 kr (Ord. 1875)

Renaissance Rapier handsmidd 1700 talat

Denna vackra Rapier klinga är handsmidd i EN45 fjäderstål.

Inklusive läderbalja.

Total längd 103 cm
Bladlängd 85 cm
Bladmaterial EN45 fjäderstål
Vikt (utan slida) 950 gram

This Rapier is hand forged from high carbon cutlery steel, ground and well-polished. It is close to the contemporary originals in weight, size, and workmanship. The wooden grip is wrapped with steel wire and the elaborate guard is a all steel construction. The spring steel blade is unsharpened.
The delivery includes a matching leather scabbard with steel fittings.

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