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Vikinga spjutspets med vingar bluntad
ArtNr: BA-ULF-SH-02
 399 kr
Lagerstatus: FINNS I LAGER

Vikinga spjutspets med vingar bluntad i handsmitt kolstål.
(Battle Ready) spjutspets

OBS! Levereras utan skaft.

Längd 34.5 cm
Vikt 380 gram

Blunt Spearhead with Wings (BATTLE-READY )
Very solid, hand-forged spearhead with blunt tip. Most reenactment groups allow the use of such spearheads with rounded, thickened blade point on the battlefield. The mouth of the socket is neatly forged and closed. One hole is drilled into the steel to fix the shaft. Delivery does not include the shaft.
This is an original ULFBERTH® product.
Overall length: approx. 34.5 cm
Blade length: approx. 21 cm
Blade width: approx. 3-5 cm
Blade thickness: approx. 3 mm
Length of socket: approx. 12 cm
Diameter of socket: approx. 3 cm (at widest point)
Weight: approx. 380 gram

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