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Torshammare Halsbandssmycke
ArtNr: BA-1800
 79 kr
Lagerstatus: Finns i Lager

Halsbandssmycke föreställande Torshammare tillverkad i mässing.

The Thorshammer, also known as Mjölnir, is the sybol of the god of thunder Thor.For a time, Thor was considered the highest germanic god, especially among simple peasants and warriors. Scandinavian Jarls and Kings however, considered Odin as the highest god. According to mythology, the dwarf Brokk forged the Mjölnir. When thrown it never missed its mark. Thor successfully used the hammer against the giants, who threatened the divine dynasties Wan and Ase. Today the Thorshammer is worn as jewellry and talisman, especially as an expression of atheism and paganism in a christian community.


Höjd 3 cm
Bredd 2,2 cm

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